02 September 2014

Doctor, meeting, and lunch

Yesterday morning, the doctor told me I've done and am doing the right thing for my busted finger. Wear the splint for a month, he said — I'm assuming that means for another month — and then I'll see the result. If all goes well, I won't need surgery.

Meanwhile, as I mentioned, I had an appointment in Ligueil, a little town just 10 miles south of Loches, yesterday morning. It all came off like clockwork, under beautiful blue skies (the drive, I mean). More about the purpose of the rendez-vous later. Afterwards, we had a good lunch in the restaurant pictured above, Le George Sand, in Loches. Behind and above the restaurant, you can see the Eglise Sant-Ours and the Logis Royal, both in the old part of the town, up on a steep hill.

01 September 2014

Et ainsi commence septembre

We suddenly are very busy — yesterday and today. This morning, I have a doctor's appointment at 8:30 a.m. in Saint-Aignan, and then we need to be down in Ligueil (south of Loches) by 10:00. I'm not sure we'll make it on time, because Ligueil is a 55-minute drive from here. We'll try not to speed.

I'm doing some typing these days, as you can see, but it's still a struggle. I guess I'd better get used to the situation. My finger will be splinted for another month, if not two! I'll see what the doctor says about it this morning.

The photos in this post show our own yard, garden, and house, not our friends' place.

Yesterday we were able to sit outside from noontime until late afternoon — we were invited for lunch by friends and had the meal around a table under a big shade tree. It was sunny and pleasant, though it was far from hot out. Welcome to summer in Saint-Aignan. It's only three months late this year. Let's hope it lasts more than a couple of days.

Hunting and pecking on the laptop keyboard is frustrating. That's what I'm doing right now. It's actually easier to type short messages like blog comments and e-mails on the Android tablet — and that's saying something! Typing on the tablet's on-screen keyboard is no fun. Maybe it's because my fingers, even the ones that aren't swollen, are just too fat. And getting the cursor to land in the right place when you want to correct an error or change the text is like trying to thread a small needle with fat twine. Sigh.

31 August 2014


Des blettes. Swiss chard. It has many names, both in French and in English. We're growing some this summer.

(I guess it's prettier in color than in monochrome.)

And we are cooking some too. I like it with cream. And also with a little Dijon mustard mixed into the cream sauce.

It's a lot like spinach. Sometimes I think I like it better.

 Serve it with hard boiled eggs and steamed potatoes.